New Single: Kip Moore’s “I’m to Blame”

Singer Pulls the Covers Off His Second Album

Kip Moore has announced “I’m to Blame” as his new single, the first from his upcoming second album.

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A fist-pumping heartland rocker of a track, Moore wrote “I’m to Blame” with Justin Weaver and Westin Davis. He says the song sets the tone of his new project.

“I’ve learned that sometimes when you’re in a relationship, especially if you’re trying to keep the relationship, it’s better just to admit that something was your fault so everybody can move on,” said Moore in a press release. “I thought that sort of truth-telling was a good way to set the tone for the new album.

“I’m excited about the new path we’re taking for this next record. I have written so many songs over the past two years, and I really had to step back and look at all of them and make some hard decisions about what would make the album and what would get cut. It has turned out to be a totally different record than the one I set out recording, and I think a better one.”

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