Twinsies: Jimmy Fallon and Neil Young

They Team Up for a Special Duet Version of "Old Man"

We can’t prove that Jimmy Fallon and Neil Young are actually twin brothers separated by 30 years, but then again, we might not be able to disprove it either.

The classic rocker made an appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday night (Feb. 3), so Fallon busted out his famous impression for a special, duet version of “Old Man.”

Dressed in identical Western layers, their performance is both hilarious and really well done. The harmonies are spot on and Fallon is a pretty solid guitar player. And they even nail the ending, unnecessary tuning and all.

Neil Young and Jimmy Fallon Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

It sure shows Young to be a good sport. Fallon has been doing the impersonation for years now, so of course it would get back to the one-and-only eventually.

They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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