Nashville: Hearts Are Breaking Everywhere

It's Too Little, Too Late for "Raycon"

Remember where we left off late last year on Nashville? Rayna jilted Luke. Layla was unconscious in a pool. Deacon was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Avery and Juliette got married.

What else could possibly happen on the first new episode of 2015?

Well, my heart broke, for starters.

It broke for Deacon.

It broke for Gunnar.

It broke for Layla.

But mostly for Deacon.

On Wednesday (Feb. 4) night’s Nashville, I was expecting only good things to happen for Deacon and Rayna. Or as I call them, “Raycon.”

I mean, Deacon finally got what he fought so, so hard for: Rayna’s love. And now it’s probably too late. Because Deacon was diagnosed with liver cancer. He needs a liver transplant, and I know from personal experience, that is not a sure thing. (My brother died two months ago waiting on that list.)

Deacon admits that “I could just as easily die on that list,” and yet he still won’t tell Rayna about the uncertainty of their future together. It’s just so sad.

She went through the hell of calling off her wedding with Luke, paying the bills for the wedding that never happened and coping with her daughters’ emotional rollercoaster. Although she did do a nice job of taking control of the story by telling the reporters on her driveway, “Luke Wheeler and I have decided to call off our wedding. That was a mutual decision. I just wanted to say Luke Wheeler and I have been friends for many, many years. Our love story may be over, but I have full faith that our friendship will endure.”

That pissed Luke off so much he decided to throw a house party for fans because of his “unanticipated free time.”

Meanwhile, my heart was breaking for Gunnar, who was fighting for custody of his nephew Micah. The court ultimately decided that since he wasn’t Micah’s biological father — remember Gunnar’s high school girlfriend had hooked up with his late brother — custody went to Micah’s maternal grandparents. Seeing Gunnar cry is going to haunt me forever.

Then there’s Layla. She survived her suicide attempt at Jeff’s party but told Will, “Your secret is killing me.” She’s not a very likable person, in my opinion, but you can’t not feel bad for all she’s been through chasing that neon rainbow. The light at the end of her tunnel, ironically, is Will. He gets Jeff to blackmail the reality show producer to make it all go away.

“You’re free, Layla,” Will tells her in the hospital.

And in other messy love affair news, Maddie and Colt realize they can be together now that they are not step-siblings, Avery and Juliette have feng shui furniture struggles when he moves in and Sadie’s got a gun and a restraining order against her abusive ex.

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