Kristian Bush Sets Solo Album for April 7

Sugarland Singer-Songwriter Announces Southern Gravity

Sometimes a little bit of gravity to pull you back down to your roots can be a good thing — just ask Sugarland’s leading man Kristian Bush.

In his case, it’s a little dose of Southern Gravity. That’s the title of the singer-songwriter’s debut solo album, which is chock full of incredible stories everyone can relate to, according to Bush. And he couldn’t be prouder of a record intent on touching the masses.

“I love this album,” Bush admits. “The songs on Southern Gravity feel like home to me, and I am proud and excited to share them, finally.”

Bush revealed in a heartfelt message on his website that the task of putting together his big debut didn’t happen overnight. It was a labor of love that started with one fateful song a few years back … and culminated in hundreds.

Yep, the singer co-wrote all 12 tracks (and many, many outtakes) for this album, which was produced by Byron Gallimore. That’s Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s main man in the studio, while Sugarland has also worked with Gallimore over the years, too.

But this isn’t a Sugarland record — this is a Kristian Bush album — a milestone for the singer and an incredible part of his journey.

Southern Gravity is a first album,” Bush writes. “It has the energy of discovery and the mystery of music I still don’t understand yet.”

And for his fans, Bush hopes the songs connect and move them.

“I hope it shakes your hips, makes you smile, and bounces your head along with the beat,” he writes. “I hope you hear your stories in here, no matter if you are standing up, falling down, or dancing in between the pieces of your life.”

And maybe even provide some hope for you, if you need that, too.

“These songs are as much my home right now as the place that holds my bed,” he says. “I truly can’t believe how positive these songs are with the crazy things that have happened to me over the last three years, but they are. From the melodies to the backbeats, from the lyrics to the last notes, I hope they all hold inside them a piece of that promise that out there in the distance, way out past your worries, that it is all gonna be okay.”

Southern Gravity features Bush’s latest single “Trailer Hitch” and hits stores April 7.

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