Chase Bryant Carries the Legacy of a Musical Family

“Take It on Back” Cracks Billboard’s Top 10

Newcomer Chase Bryant is climbing the ladder of success with his debut single, “Take It on Back.”

Bryant kept with the nostalgic theme by taking CMT Hot 20 Countdown on a trip to his favorite vintage guitar shop. The trip provided a much-needed break from the whirlwind he’s been living since the song’s release.

“I don’t know if you can prepare yourself for it,” he said. “I think it’s something that you just kinda ride that wave. And I think for me, it’s been really cool to go out every night and get to play in front of a different size crowd than what I was used to. I was used to playing to four walls in my bedroom, you know, and now I’m playing to four walls of maybe 15,000 people.”

“Take It on Back” cracked the Top 10 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart this week, and now Bryant is looking forward to unveiling more new music with the launch of his first album.

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