Party Down South 2: Ain’t No Sleeping Till the Keg Is Empty!

Hurricane Hunter Strikes and Bradley Attempts to Win Over Raven's Dad

I think we can all agree we’ve been waiting all season to watch Hunter to say this: “Ain’t no sleeping till the keg is empty!”

In this episode of Party Down South 2, Hunter rallies the house to kill the keg shortly after Bradley and Raven (aka Braven) have a blow-out fight.

Hunter might be on to something here. When Braven starts fighting, drink about it. Then, pay thanks to the keg that stood by you during the dark times. Genius.

The day after Hurricane Hunter rips through the house, Ashton, Duke, Karynda, Magan and Tommy go out. Rather than dancing the night away, the crew ends up fighting the night away. All I can say is, don’t mess with Magan.

You may be wondering why Hunter, Raven and Bradley didn’t join the crew. Well, Hunter’s too hung over from the night before, duh. And Braven stays in because Raven is staying in. Standard.

Fast forward to the next day. Raven’s dad comes to visit with his BFF in tow — the one and only, chicken wing. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing! Side note: We met Raven’s dad in the first episode and understand where she gets her humor.

Now since Bradley and Raven had their Jerry Springer-esque fight a few days ago, Bradley is shakin’ in his boots when Raven’s dad arrives. He desperately tries to impress him by dropping some serious knowledge about the South, or so he claims. Raven’s dad quickly calls him out for lying, and things get awkward.

Later that night, the roommates take Raven’s dad (and chicken wing, of course) out to their favorite bar, Stagecoach. There, Duke makes quite the impression on ole dad. And get this, if Raven’s dad had his choice of which guy Raven dated, he’d pick Duke. Unfortunately, Raven doesn’t agree with her dad.

Who do you think is better for Raven: Duke or Bradley? Do you think Bradley will ever be able to win over Raven’s dad? Sound off in the comments below.

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