Hunter Hayes Calls Cole His “Best Decision”

New Dog Gives Him New Perspective

Technically, Cole is just another bus dog. But to Hunter Hayes, Cole is more like a teacher.

“It’s funny how he doesn’t talk,” Hayes told me before the Grammys about his new dog, “but I’ve learned so much from him. It’s like he gives me a new way to look at things, and a whole new perspective on a lot of things. He’s really made me think.”

Hayes adopted Cole through the Greyhound Pets of America, but he didn’t do it without putting a lot of thought into it. Because even though he grew up with pets and has always wanted one, he knows the road isn’t for everyone.

“I’ve been thinking about it for years. I knew I wanted to adopt a retired racer, and it’s been months in the process. I finally made the decision,” Hayes said, “and it’s one of best decisions I’ve ever made.

“I’m extremely happy and more importantly, he’s happy,” Hayes said of his new bus dog.

Look for Hayes and Cole when they hit the road in the spring with Lady Antebellum and Sam Hunt.

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