Lee Brice Calls Miranda Lambert His Favorite Part of the Grammys

"She Makes You Proud," He Says

On his way out to a cabin to write songs with Jerrod Niemann, Lee Brice called Chicago radio station WUSN to talk about his upcoming Chicago tour date. But since the Grammy Awards are still on everyone’s minds, talk turned to his favorite moment of the show.

“Miranda!” Brice said, noting Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon” performance was the best part of the Grammys, mostly because of how good she makes country look.

“She makes you proud. She does a good job. Those singers in that world, man, they really are great singers,” Brice said. “So for her to get up there and hold her own, it was really cool. It was good to see.”

Brice also touched on the part of the show when Kanye West tried to take Beck’s Grammy Award away from him to give it to Beyoncé. Sound familiar? Anyway, Brice said if he ever decided to Kanye someone, it would be West — to give him a taste of his own medicine.

In other Brice news, he also talked about his latest online purchase — a good old-fashioned gun holster.

“I’ve got a pistol, and I like to carry my gun with me,” he said of the new holster he just bought. “It’s the kind detectives wear that hangs under your arm and straps all around you.”

Which basically means that Brice will now look exactly like Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds.