Who Is Blake Shelton When We’re Not Looking?

RaeLynn's Game Night Buddy

This looks like your classic Girls Night In. With one exception: Blake Shelton.

I’m not sure if he was actually invited to hang with RaeLynn and her friends for this game night, or if he crashed her party. But what I do know is that I’m crazy grateful that someone was shooting videos.

Thank you, Instagram!

It’s nothing scandalous.

RaeLynn and Shelton are just playing the Heads Up guessing game with hair and makeup artist Amanda Craig and former The Voice contestant Xenia.

I don’t know which videos are better. The ones where Shelton is kind of getting his charade on and acting out a phrase like “going up the stairs” or “taking pictures.” Or the ones where Shelton’s doing the guessing.
Spoiler alert: He isn’t that good at guessing, either.
He eventually guesses right on things like changing light bulbs, sword fights and playing ping-pong. But he can’t quite get the “plucking flower petals” one. In his defense, I think that would be a tough one for any man.