#TBT to When Brad Paisley Was the Opening Act

He Still Has Hatch Show Print From Alan Jackson Tour

Right now, Brad Paisley has Swon Brothers and Parmalee on the road with him. Starting in the spring, he’ll have Justin Moore and newcomer Mickey Guyton.

When I sat down with Paisley recently, he told me how much he loves bringing new acts on tour, mostly because he remembers exactly what it was like being in their shoes.

It’s hard to picture a time when Paisley was an opening act.

Paisley’s first major tour was as Alan Jackson’s opening act on his Kings of the Country tour about 13 years ago.

“I went out with Alan, and it was the best. I still have the Hatch Show Print from that tour,” Paisley told me when he was in Chicago. “I miss that feeling of being the opener a little bit. Because you walk out there, and it’s not your crowd totally. They probably know one or two of your songs. And they’re glad you’re here, but you’ve really got to win them.”

His early set lists from that tour — when Jackson would tell him, “You’ve got 45 minutes” — were hard to put together.

“I remember when we were playing those Alan shows and trying to figure out where to put the one hit in the show,” Paisley laughed. But he’d do “Wrapped Around,” “We Danced,” “Me Neither,” “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)” and his debut single, “Who Needs Pictures?”

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