Party Down South‘s Mattie (and Martha) Answers Your Burning Questions

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Mattie, your favorite Party Down South Louisiana coonass girl, popped by the CMT offices in Nashville this week to hang out and chat with fans on the Party Down South Facebook page.

She had so much to say that some of it didn’t make it to the comments section. So, we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at her reactions to a few of your questions.

Molly: What’s up, girl? Life been good? Ready for the new season to air .. . and new guys/ love interests??
Mattie: No im single
Mattie: ready to mingle
Mattie: and pop it like a pringle lol

Surprisingly, Mattie said she wasn’t doing anything for Valentine’s Day and wishes she had a Valentine this year. Shocking. Mattie is a hottie with a body. Any guy would be lucky.

“A guy can take me out, sure! It doesn’t have to be Ruth’s Chris, but like a hamburger would be nice. They just have to listen to me,” Mattie says.

Keven: If you could pick one of the cast on pds 2 to come on your show who would you pick?
Mattie: Hunter lol
Kristina: Hellzzzz ya!
Keri: I agree hunters my fave on that one
Logan: Duke

Mattie would pick Hunter for several reasons, but what stood out to her is their love for cheeseburgers. You get a cheeseburger, you get a cheeseburger and you get a cheeseburger!

Amanda: So the new girl is ur friend we met in the Christmas special y’all did???
Mattie: YES she is :))
Amanda: Sweet excited to see the new season

But how did they meet? Mattie tells us her and Hott Dogg actually met out at a bar in New Orleans through a mutual friend. Ever since then, they love going out together.

“We are the type of girls at the bar you want to party with,” Mattie explained.

Kourtney: Soo are you and any one of the cast going to hook up …
Mattie: Hmmm you never know, tune in Feb 26th
Kourtney: Okay

Mattie then giggled at her computer screen and did a Mr. Burns impression. Think you know who she may have hooked up with?

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