Nashville Recap: Deacon and Jeff Both Need a Miracle

One Liver and One Star Would Ease Suffering

Deacon’s sister Beverly is a selfish bitch. I just want to be upfront about that. So no one should’ve been surprised she refused to save her baby brother’s life on Wednesday night’s (Feb. 11) episode of Nashville.

Granted, she was kind of coerced into going through the initial screening tests. But ultimately, she said she would not be chopped up to give Deacon two-thirds of her liver because of a disease (liver cancer) he brought on himself with his excessive drinking.

(To tell you the truth, who’d want her liver, anyway? She was so horrible to Scarlett as a child, I’d be worried she was storing some of her evil in her internal organs.

But Deacon seemed determined to survive.

“I got a daughter and I got a niece and I got a lot of people I care about. When I think about not being there for them,” he confessed to his AA group, “it’s powerlessness at a level that damn near overwhelms me. Truth is, I’m terrified.”

I’m hoping that once he reveals his predicament to his biological daughter Maddie, she’ll be able to be his liver giver.

Then again, Maddie’s kind of busy right now. Or she will be when she finds out her other father Teddy was threatened into signing her to a record deal. All that the label boss Jeff had to do to get him to sign was remind him of their guys’ nights in with the hookers. Sorry, escorts.

“I don’t think the good people of Nashville would take kindly to their mayor’s salary being used to pay for sex,” Jeff reminded him.

The reason Jeff had to make that happen is because his numbers are at an all-time low and his mean streak is at an all-time high.

“Rayna is a fading ball of gas compared to the comet that Maddie could become,” he told Teddy, in a fit of desperation.

But the quote of the night, for me, came from the very pregnant Juliette.

“Touch my caramels, and I will cut a bitch,” she told her husband Avery.

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