Staff Picks: Most Romantic Country Songs

Kenny, Brad, Lee, Blake and Dixie Chicks Make Us Swoon

“Austin”Blake Shelton
Technically, “Austin” is a love-gone-wrong song. But for me, you need something to go wrong before you can make it right. And that’s where the romance comes in. She leaves for Austin, and he tries to get on with his life. He’s selling cars, bowling, going to ball games and heading out to the lake. But he is always — according to his outgoing voicemail message — willing to drop everything if she’s the one calling. “P.S., if this is Austin, I still love you,” Shelton sings in his debut single from 2001. Which makes her wonder, what kind of man would hang on that long and what kind of love that must be? By the end of the song, she actually picks up her phone and tells him, “This is Austin, and I still love you.” And I think we all know what probably happens next. – Alison Bonaguro

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