Luke Bryan: Foot Rubbin’ and Back Scratchin’

Valentine's Day Plans for Romance

This is how you know Luke Bryan is just a regular guy: When you ask him about Valentine’s Day, his plans for romance include things like foot rubs.

That is true love, I think. I mean, any big country star could buy a private jet and whisk his wife away to Paris for a candlelit dinner and a chocolate massage.

But when CMT’s Cody Alan asked Bryan what’s the most romantic thing he does for this wife Caroline, he admitted it was nothing flashy.

“Rubbing her feet at the end of a long day,” he said. “Just watching a little TV and a good ol’ foot rub. We’re good. She scratches old daddy’s back. I rub mama’s feet.”

(There was no talk of a playlist of love songs, but Bryan’s got plenty. In fact, I hope he still plays “First Love Song” from his 2007 debut album at some point on Valentine’s Day.)

But the minute the talk turned to any kind of holiday passion going on over at Blake Shelton’s house, Bryan sounded like he thought Miranda Lambert shouldn’t let things get too romantic.

“There’s gotta be some kind of law in Oklahoma against mating with Blake Shelton,” he laughed.

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