Jake Owen Does It Donkey Style

Oh, the Things He Can Tweet

Man, when Jake Owen gets his Twitter on, he gets it ON.

And he’s got just enough charm to pull of some pretty amazing tweets when he gets going.

Like the one with the photo of his classic band merch. (I mean, the fact that he even had merch in the good ol’ days is enough to make you holler and swaller.) But so this particular T-shirt had to be one of his best sellers because his mom knew enough to hang on to one. It says Yeehaw Junction and We Do It Donkey Style. Which could mean a lot of things.

If he did, I’m sure it would go for about what I paid for Jason Aldean’s self-titled CD from 1996, which was a full nine years before “Hicktown” was released. Those rare finds are priceless to country fans with an eBay ID and a PayPal account.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Owen actually did auction the T-shirt and then donate the proceeds to charity.

He’ll probably keep us posted because he’s pretty much an open book on Twitter these days. He’s been giving shout-outs to everyone from Brandy Clark (“Thank God for @TheBrandyClark”) to Clint Eastwood (“Thanks again to Clint Eastwood and everyone at the @attproam. I had an absolute blast. I look forward to tournament week every year!”)

Harry How/Getty Images

Owen’s also been tweeting about big-picture life lessons, with gems like, “We never really grow up, we just learn how to act in public,” and “Sunday’s are meant for God, family, fishing, and beer.”

Both of which could be the start of some brand new country tunes.

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