Nashville‘s Boys’ Night Out Unearths Sad Songs

"Happiness Bullies" Move In All Over

Did Deacon’s oncologist make this up? This “happiness bully” term? That’s what he called Scarlett on Wednesday night’s (Feb. 18) Nashville when she barged into his office demanding he give her uncle some sliver of hope.

“Your relentless optimism can be as much of a crutch as your uncle’s pessimism,” he told her.

He was right, of course. And once he said it, I kept seeing those happiness bullies all over the fictional Music City.

Like Luke, when he tried to convince Gunnar they needed a boys’ night out and more liquid inspiration.

“That is the great thing about Nashville. It is always dark somewhere,” he tells Gunnar when he says he doesn’t feel like day drinking.

And Will, when he was trying to convince Gunnar to use that boys’ night out wisely.

“What do you say about getting over somebody by getting under somebody else,” he asks Gunnar.

The next day, full of hangovers and honesty, the guys write a sad song about being worlds apart and how he can’t help his heart. (“Apart” and “heart”? Come on, Luke. You can do better than that.) Then Luke tells Gunnar to write another ballad about losing your first love to your own brother. If he can wrap his head around all of that heartbreak, it could be a killer country song.

In a way, even Avery became kind of an unlikely happiness bully. Because once he found out Sadie’s abusive ex was outside the recording studio during their session, he got rid of him. Then voila, happiness ensued.

The only real unhappiness on Nashville was what was happening behind Maddie Conrad’s back.

All she wanted was guitar lessons and more Bluebird gigs with her dad. What she didn’t know, though, is her dad is dying, her step-dad signed her to a record deal, her mom nullified that contract, she stripped Teddy of his parental rights and Jeff the label boss was fired.

But not all is lost for Jeff. I’m pretty sure he and Layla are going to be living together by next week.

As are Scarlett and Deacon’s oncologist. My diagnosis for them is a lifetime of love.

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