Eric Church Welcomes Newborn Son, Hawk

Tennessee Hawkins Church Joins the Family

For such a little baby, Eric Church’s son has quite a big name. Tennessee Hawkins Church. But the family is going to just call him Hawk.

The littlest boy in the Church family arrived Sunday (Feb. 15) and was just 6 pounds, 12 ounces. He joins Church, his wife Katherine and their first son Boone, 3.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

“I’m thrilled that Hawk and his mom are doing well. We aren’t sleeping very much, but we are enjoying every part of this incredible journey,” Church said in a statement. “I’m very blessed and thankful.”

Church hasn’t explained how they came up with the name Tennessee Hawkins, but I’m sure there’s some kind of meaning behind it. When Boone was born, Church talked about how Boone was a family name and the name of the city where he went to school in North Carolina, and the middle name McCoy was a family name on Katherine’s side.

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