Recap: Party Down South 2: The After Party

The Crew Reunites to Rehash the Wild Summer

There’s the good, the bad and the Bradley. That pretty much sums up the highly anticipated Party Down South 2: The After Party.

Magan starts off with the good. She’s having a baby! She and Chip are bringing a beautiful little girl, named Marley, into the world. Yes, that’s the same Chip who sent flowers to the house this season. Looks like these lovebirds always knew they had something special.

Then, it’s on to Bradley and Raven. Things seem a bit rocky since leaving the house and riding off into the sunset together. Are they still an item?

“For now,” Raven explains.

She isn’t too happy with Bradley, especially since he refers to her as a hookup and Ashton as a relationship-type girl.

Cut to Hunter yelling out, “Round 2!” And, BOOM goes the dynamite. The ladies exchange words that go straight for the jugular. While Raven brings out her claws, Ashton boasts about her college degree. Oh, no, you didn’t!

Watch The After Party to catch up with the rest of the family. Plus, find out if Ashton and Raven call a truce or continue to call each other out. And if that isn’t enough, watch The After After Party for more juicy secrets about this past season.

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