Blake Shelton: “It’s Not a Soda. It’s a Song”

How He Defines 13-Year-Old Hit

When Blake Shelton asks Luke Bryan what song he would rather hear on repeat for 24 hours straight – “Boys ‘Round Here” or “Ol’ Red” – Bryan has a question of his own.

“‘Ol’ Red’? That was a song of yours?”
Shelton explains that, yes, it is.

“It’s not gum. It’s not a soda. It’s a song,” he says in this Would You Rather video from the people at
And that’s the one Bryan ultimately chooses to listen to for 24 hours straight.
“I like the dog song,” he says of Shelton’s 2002 song about a bloodhound and a prison inmate.
Then when Shelton is asked the same kind of question and has to decide between Bryan’s “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)” or “Rain Is a Good Thing,” he chooses the later. But first, because he’s Blake Shelton, he has to criticize them both.

“There’s no other choices? I’m trying to think which one of ‘em is country. Neither one of ‘em really,” he tells Bryan before choosing “Rain Is a Good Thing” because it doesn’t objectify women as badly.
Other tough questions the country singers are facing: Would you rather go 10 days without showering or 10 days without drinking? And would you rather get drunk on a plane with Dierks Bentley or go day drinking with Little Big Town.

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