Faith Hill’s Oscar Hair: Shorter Than Short

Singer Shows Up at Fashion Event in New Pixie Cut

Only Faith Hill could go from long to short to even shorter and pull it off with so much grace that the rest of us are running to our stylists with her Instagram photos in our hands saying, “Give me the Faith!”

Hill showed up in Los Angeles at a Tom Ford A/W15 womenswear event in a classy, sexy all-black outfit and the shortest little pixie haircut I’ve ever seen. She had it shortish at the CMAs, but that must’ve been like practice short hair. And now this is the real thing. It suits her perfectly.

She must’ve gone to her stylist and said, “Make me look like Halle Berry. Or Judi Dench. Or both.”

It’s cut close on the sides, behind her ears, but she still has enough bangs left to sweep them to the side effortlessly.

Even though we are all used to seeing Hill with long blond waves cascading down her back, she’s been known to stir the pot every once in a while with drastic hair transformations.

Remember her bob in 2001? “I got crucified for that bob, but I loved it. I was tired of long hair and wanted a change,” she told InStyle a few years ago.