Luke Bryan and a George Strait Goofy

"Love My Life," Bryan Says After Trip to Disney

Luke Bryan managed to fit a family trip to Disney World into his packed schedule last week. It was after his Mardi Gras show in New Orleans but before he kicks off his international tour in Sweden on Saturday (Feb.28).

First, he posted a selfie with his sons from their ride on Splash Mountain.

Then presumably after he dried off, he got a little more emotional with a simple eight-word tweet:

The Disney people even got in on the action by posting their own photo of Bryan with Goofy.

And I’m not sure if this was just a super awesome coincidence or if they did it on purpose, but the photo was with Country Goofy. Or, as I like to call him, George Strait Goofy because he’s wearing jeans, a plaid shirt, a gigantic belt buckle and a cowboy hat.

Bryan looks thrilled to have his arm around the Disney legend.

In yet another tweet, once he was back to work, Bryan posted his first LBTV video of the year.

Then they opened a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne, they toast the tour and Bryan tells everyone to “hit their Richard Marx.”