Keith Urban Likes the Unknowingness

You Have to Like How He Makes Up Words

Of course, Keith Urban can write the hell out of a song. Even in casual conversation, he can invent words that sound so natural. The guy has a way with words, even when they aren’t really words.

Urban recently told Billboard that, yes, he is starting to start thinking about his next album.

“I’m sort of doing the preliminary work of figuring out what the next record is,” he said. “It’s reaching out and talking with people about working with them in the studio, different writers. It’s just lots of ideas and tinkering right now. I sort of like the unknowingness of it.”

The what?

“I get in the studio and don’t know what we’re gonna do, and that can be enlightening and sort of revelatory, or it can be incredibly frustrating,” he explained.

There’s no real timeframe on the project, and because he’s kind of busy with his American Idol duties right now, there’s no extensive string of tour dates on the docket either.

That kind of unknowingness is killing me.