Will Carrie Underwoood’s Baby Be Here Soon?

Twitter Helps With Unofficial Baby Watch

I’ve been on unofficial baby watch the entire month of February. Because when I did the math, after Carrie Underwood announced her pregnancy on Sept. 1, I felt like February would be the month.

Assuming she was in the safe zone and out of her first trimester when she shared her big news, that would mean she would have been about three months pregnant at the time. Which would make her nine months pregnant right now.

Obviously, she hasn’t had the baby yet. But her February tweets have been random and sporadic, so I think she’s getting close.

She warned pet owners to take care of their pets during this horrible winter.

And she asked, “Why are all perfume commercials weird?”

And she posted a photo of herself as a teenager in braces, braids and a rainbow of barrettes.
Not to read too much into that #TBT photograph, but if Underwood is going through boxes of old photos, could she already be in her nesting instinct mode?