Listen to Kelly Clarkson Duet With John Legend

She Reveals "Run Run Run" Ahead of March 3 Album Release

Kelly Clarkson revealed a stunning new duet with John Legend on Wednesday (Feb. 25) titled “Run Run Run.” Check it out:

A heart-wrenching breakup ballad featuring piano and string melodies, Clarkson and Legend’s rich vocal blend is passionate but pained. The song is on her upcoming album, Piece by Piece (out March 3), and comes on the heels of Legend’s best original song win at the Oscars.

The track was originally recorded by German pop-rock group Tokio Hotel.

Interestingly, stories have swirled in the last week that artists were declining to collaborate with Clarkson, based on comments she made to BBC Radio 1, but with the release of this powerful duet as proof, it now looks like that was all just exaggeration.

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