Brantley Gilbert’s Two-Gun Salute

New Ink Makes Bold Statement

I have so many observations about Brantley Gilbert’s new tattoo, I almost don’t even know where to begin.

So I’ll start where it started — in a log cabin somewhere.
That cabin must be Gilbert’s house. In his caption for the first photo he posted on Tuesday (Feb. 24), he wrote, “So my boy Carl Grace came by. … Because it was Monday.”

Even though Grace makes house calls, he is a big deal in tattoo circles, it seems. His website says his artistic style was influenced early “by a youth spent in placement homes, camps, jail and prison.”

Grace is wearing a miner’s light and using an actual pistol for inspiration. So before the new ink was even revealed, I knew it was gun-themed. Obviously. Plus, about a month ago, Gilbert had made it very clear that he is pro-gun in a photo he posted with a quote about the right to bear arms. (The picture isn’t real, though. It’s just an Internet hoax gone viral.)

And since this artist was working on Gilbert’s back in the photo, I assumed maybe he was doing a classy little revolver somewhere on one of his shoulders.

But when the fresh tat was revealed, it wasn’t quite the understated statement I was picturing.
There are, in fact, two gigantic pistols on Gilbert’s back. The whole work of art takes up virtually his entire upper back. The grips go across his shoulder blades, and the barrels are pointed towards his ass.

No one will ever doubt where Gilbert stands on the issue now.