Luke Bryan’s Son’s Play-It-Again Song

There's Kenny Chesney Love in the Family Car

One of Luke Bryan’s sons has a favorite song. Every time he gets in the car, he wants his parents to play it. It’s his play-it-again song.

But it’s not one of his dad’s tunes. It is a two-year-old Kenny Chesney song.

“My son’s favorite song is ‘Pirate Flag’ by Kenny Chesney,” Bryan says on the new episode of’s I Am the DJ series. “He always wants Caroline and I to play that when we get in the car. So there you go, Kenny. You’ve trumped dad because my son likes ‘Pirate Flag’ better than me.”

In the feature, Bryan also does a bunch of word association. All of his answers are pretty revealing, like when he admits Madonna was his first celebrity crush (and by the way, does anyone know if Madonna knows that?), but these were some other standouts:

Happiness = Fishing
Fashion = Lucchese boots
Sexy = My Wife
Best Movie = Forrest Gump
Best TV Show = Friends
Best Book = A Prayer for Owen Meany
Best Vocalist = The late Freddie Mercury of Queen
Favorite Breakfast Cereal = Cocoa Pebbles