Tyler Farr Plans to Suffer in Peace

"A Guy Walks Into a Bar" Singer Announces His Second Album

I must say that Suffer in Peace was not the album title I was expecting from Tyler Farr.

Then again, if we’ve come to expect anything of the smoky-voiced Missouri native, it’s to expect the unexpected.

It’s no secret the singer is incredibly versatile. We all know that.

If you’re like me, though, when you think of Farr, you probably think of the more upbeat moments in his catalog — sultry songs like “Whiskey in My Water,” fun tunes like “Hot Mess” and his big hit “Redneck Crazy.” Of course, “Redneck Crazy,” despite the implications of the title’s cheekiness, was actually more of a heartbreaker after a couple of solid listens.

With Suffer in Peace, his second album, things could get a little darker and even more heart-wrenching. I’m dying to know what we’ll hear — cheating songs, lost-love songs or drunken bad-decision material. Or all of the above.

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