Nashville Gets More Complicated by the Inches

Artists Play Musical Chairs In Music City

Dierks Bentley and Garth Brooks both played intimate shows on Wednesday night (Feb. 25) in Nashville, but it was what happened on the Nashville TV series that provided some very real excitement for those of us who weren’t in Music City.

It was what Rayna told Sadie’s ex-husband after they’d agreed on a settlement where he’d get a portion of the profits off her music in perpetuity.

“Pete, I’m not exactly sure what your problem is,” she said. “Maybe the good Lord only gave you two inches. I don’t know. But I’ll tell you one thing: You ever try to contact my friend again, I will make it my mission to ruin you. And unlike you, I act have the power to do it.”

Boom! Ladies and gentleman, Rayna James — taking care of business.

Rayna also signed Layla Grant to her label because once Jeff was fired from Edgehill, that label closed its door so she was without a record company.

In fact, so many artists and bosses got hired and fired in the one-hour episode, I almost needed an organizational flow chart to keep things straight.

Jeff started his own label, Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records, and hired Luke to be part of it.

Luke then fired Jeff from his own label.

Rayna hired Bucky to be handle artists and repertoire for Highway 65, then wouldn’t let him have any control over said A&R.

Will was getting offers from labels all over town, and Deacon advised him to lean towards the devil he knows — Jeff.

After months of being Nashville’s “walking punch line,” Layla was thrilled to get an offer to be part of Wheelin’ Dealin’.

Luke hates Layla and told Jeff to get rid of her.

So then Layla signed with Highway 65.

Once Jeff was fired from his own label, and Layla hired him as her manager.

Avery and Gunnar started a band.

Deacon is too sick to be part of that game of musical chairs, but he did make one really important decision to let go and let God. So even though he could take part in a clinical trial that might or might not cure his liver cancer, he turns that down so he can stay on the transplant list and I guess just cross his fingers that the right liver will come along while he’s still healthy enough to receive it.

And by the way, is Juliette carrying a baby? Or just becoming one?

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