Miranda Lambert on Early Morning Ink

Shares Forearm Quaver With Tourmates

If I was touring with Miranda Lambert and woke up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to an invitation to get matching tattoos with her, I’d say yes even before my first cup of coffee.

Maybe not if she wanted, say, Blake Shelton’s face covering her entire back. But a little quaver — or eighth note — on our forearms? I’m pretty sure that would be an automatic, “Hell, yes.”

Lambert tweeted a photo of her, RaeLynn and Gwen Sebastian with their matching tiny tattoos.

RaeLynn tweeted it, too, plus a second one.

And even though these three country singers are not in a band together, this sisterhood of the matching ink does kind of remind me of when the Dixie Chicks all had those chicken feet tattoos on their feet.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images