Carrie and Mike’s Latest Family Member

From Pregnancy Announcement to Birth

Isaiah Michael Fisher is one of Tennessee’s newest residents. He came into the world Friday (Feb. 27) and will be living with his parents — Carrie Underwood and NHL star Mike Fisher.

So far, Underwood and her husband have only revealed a photo of the baby’s hand. While the world awaits the first glimpse of Isaiah’s face, we can only imagine what he might say about some of the places he’s visited the past few months.

First, mommy says Ace and Penny have something to say.

At a Garth Brooks concert
One of mommy’s many rehearsals

To the place where cars just goes round and round

The Grand Ole Opry

At daddy’s work

At mommy’s work. Now what does she do?!

Resting at home

Performing with someone whose last name is Smith

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