Taylor Swift/Lady Gaga Tweets

In 21 Words, Gaga Promises a Prince Charming

Get in line, Taylor Swift. We’d all love to get a little advice from Lady Gaga on how she is living her life so fully. And falling in love with America’s sexiest fireman while she’s at it.

On Sunday (March 1), Swift just kind of randomly tweeted.

Although maybe it wasn’t so random because that was the day Gaga and her fiancé — Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney — jumped in Lake Michigan for a polar plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. So, yeah, she is fully living, come to think of it.

The very next day, she wrote back to Swift with a short, 21-word tweet (plus heart and kiss emojis) that probably boosted her spirits and then some.

Is it me, or does anyone else sense a collaboration coming on?