Recap: Party Down South: Battle of the Buns

Surprise Marriage Proposal Shocks the Entire House

On the recent episode of Party Down South, Walt and Daddy battle it out for Hott Dogg’s buns.

During their first night out at the bars, Walt takes the opportunity to show Hott Dogg his dancing skills. And, he’s serious about cutting a rug. He won’t let anything stand in his way of shaking it on the dance floor – not even an accident in his pants. Yes, he sharts in his pants on the way to the bars.

According to Hott Dogg, Walt seems like a Southern gentleman, and she really likes his scruff. On the other hand, Daddy is tan, just the way she likes a man. That’s one tough decision.

After Daddy sees Hott Dogg and Walt dancing, he gets a little jealous and decides to distract himself with Tiffany. So where does that lead these two? Straight into bed, that’s where.

“I’ve always wanted to bang you, Tif,” says Daddy.

Unfortunately for Daddy, Tiffany is not into it. No girl wants to get it on when the room is spinning. Am I right?!

The next day, the family sets off to the races. Mississippi is known for awesome mud racing and that’s just what they get. Jacked up trucks and marlins everywhere – it’s redneck heaven.

Back at the house, Daddy has a surprise in store for Tiffany. Apparently, Daddy was only getting with Lil’ Bit to get to Tiffany. Sounds fishy, but maybe it’s true?

“I love you more than I love my funnel,” says Daddy.

OK, this must be serious – that funnel is his most prized possession. He follows his bold statement with a grand gesture by informally proposes to Tiffany — with Murray’s “ring.” Didn’t see that one coming!

Are you surprised Daddy is smitten with Tiffany? Has there always been something there or is this a new love connection? Sound off below.

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