49 Reasons Shania Twain Will Rock

No 1: She’s Not 25 Anymore

Shania Twain is almost 50. Just let that sink in.

It’s almost too hard to believe. Here’s the thing about age, though. Twain seems to have transcended the number somehow. Because she’s about to head out on a massive tour, and she sounds like she’s OK with not being 25 anymore.

“I’m not 25,” she recently told Macleans magazine. “I don’t have the body that I had anymore. I want to love where I’m going, but it’s a challenge. It’s an adjustment, so I understand women my age and what they are going through. Now I have to work five days a week. Now I have to watch what I eat. Thankfully, I have performing. It has become part of my workout.”

And don’t think the sexy is going to stop anytime soon. Her Rock This Country tour — which she describes as being more freestyle than her recent Las Vegas shows — starts in Seattle on June 5.

“It will still be sexy but not necessarily a reflection of the Vegas shows,” Twain said. “Although they were so hot in the Vegas shows, this tour will be edgier and unfortunately have no dancing cowboys. Now it’s more about the band and the instruments.”

But here’s how I know with absolute certainty that Twain will never not be sexy.

“Art is a platform where self-expression should not be limited,” she said. “There will be consequences if you do something that is socially unacceptable or inappropriate by certain people but you just have to live with it. Should art be controlled? It would be painful if we started to overregulate self-expression — especially when it has to do with age. I’m here to inspire. There is no age limit to that.”

Man, she sounds like a woman.

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