Ashley Monroe Will Not Stay Down

New Song Shows Off New Bliss

Ashley Monroe is on to something good — in her life, and in her music.

As she releases her brand new song, “On to Something Good,” to country radio this week, she talks openly about picking herself up after getting knocked down.
“This song speaks to where I am in my life and who I am,” Monroe said. “I’ll get knocked down again. I got knocked down recently. And as long as we’re living, things are going to happen that will bring us to our knees and you wonder, ‘How will I ever get through this?’”

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She doesn’t say what, exactly, brought her to her knees recently. In fact, things seem to be going very well for her. She just earned her first No.1 song with Blake Shelton, “Lonely Tonight.”

But there must be something in her past that make her sound so believable when she sings that hard times roll up but don’t hang around.

Still, Monroe knows that you have to take the good with the bad, and always will.

“That’s not going to stop as long as we’re alive. I’ve learned that in these 28 years,” she says. “But I’ve learned you can’t get stuck in those bad times. If I’m alive and breathing, I’m not supposed to be stuck feeling sorry for myself. I’m supposed to keep going to whatever I’m going for, which I believe is something good.”