Seven Stages of Grief: When Your Crush Hooks Up With Your Friend

As Told by Walt of Party Down South

In the recent episode of Party Down South, Hott Dogg finally decides to hook up with someone in the house. Believe it or not, she chooses Daddy over Walt.

And to Walt’s dismay, he hears the news from Mattie. You can only imagine what he felt when he learned his friend hooked up with the girl he was digging. Isn’t that pulling a robbery?

If you — or someone you know — are a victim of this atrocity, then you’ll understand these seven stages of grief.

1. Shock When your friend breaks the news:

2. Denial When you hope your friend is just messing with you, and it’s all a joke:

3. Anger When you stare into the abyss of your own mind and think, “Oh, no he didn’t.”:

4. Bargaining When you think, “I bet their hookup didn’t mean anything. She’ll realize I’m the real deal after I turn up the charm.”:

However with Walt, there is no bargaining. … “I’m not doing sloppy seconds. I think my chances are just done.”

5. Guilt When you beat yourself up for the things only you notice about yourself:

6. Depression When you can’t manage to do anything but mope around the house because you wholeheartedly believe no one will ever love you:

7. Acceptance When you realize they weren’t worth it and it’s time to move on:

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