Miranda Lambert’s New Video Doesn’t Have a Wagon

Singer Has Never Looked Sexier, Though

I know, I know. I take country songs way too literally. So when I’ve been listening to Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon,” which is on the radio about every five minutes, I’ve been thinking how sweet the video would be. What with the little red wagon and all.
Well, I’m here to tell you, there is no wagon.

When Lambert sings that you can’t ride in her little red wagon because the front seat’s broken and the axle’s draggin’, I guess she’s not really talking about an actual wagon. It must mean something else. (Admittedly, I’m the same girl who thought Florida Georgia Line were singing about sticking a real pink umbrella in her real drink in their recent hit “Sun Daze.”)
So maybe I don’t know what Lambert means by her “wagon,” but I do know this: She steals every scene in this video.
She looks better than ever. Whether she is in cut offs and cowboy boots, bandana platforms and a retro swimsuit, a silk robe and nightgown — or her Mrs. Shelton belt — she just nails it. Not even the hot hotel maid or the shirtless pool boy can match her star power in this one.

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