Redneck Island: Where Are They Now?

Jeremy and Shelby Won the $100,000, but How’s Everyone Else?

Now that the dust has settled, we checked in with Redneck Island winners, Jeremy and Shelby, and a few of the other cast members. Find out what they’re up to and if any island romances continued or fizzled out on the mainland.

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Since then, I’ve seen Parigi a lot and hung out with Jorden. I headed back to the beach to take a break from it all. Next, I’m planning to come out with a clothing line, travel and maybe go on a cruise with other castmates.
I’ve snagged a new job since the show and a new Jeep! I’m also recently single. As for the keeping in touch with the other contestants, I still keep in touch with Cowboy and Tank mostly. Hope to see everyone else very soon.
Everything is going great. Definitely more career opportunities on the horizon. My training clientele has gone through the roof. I haven’t moved, and I wouldn’t say there’s any new love as of yet. But I’m still stylin’ and profiling!

I’m still training horses and roping wild cows. I may be moving to Georgia soon to be with the woman of my dreams I met after the show. Her name is Alyssa – some may know her from appearing on the second season of Party Down South in Athens. That’s about it. Yee-haw!

I’m still single, living in Foley, Alabama, and ready for summertime! Other than that, I’m raising my beautiful daughter. Simple and sweet 🙂

Since the show, Margaret and I have been dating and are very happy. I still live in Monroe, Louisiana, but travel to and from Mississippi to see Margaret. She also comes to Monroe just as much. We travel a good bit!

Currently, I’m back near Dallas, bartending and thinking about going back to school. I’ve been traveling all around the South, visiting Becky, Hali and Sarah. I’ve also visited Alabama to see Cody, Jorden and Riley. Then I went to Florida to see Heather. And for Halloween, I traveled to Nashville with a few people for a mini reunion.

Cody and I tried to date, but we were in different stages of life. He has a lot of growing up to do. He’s a sweet guy, though, don’t get me wrong. As of now, I’m dating a guy I used to date from my hometown.

Many of us still don’t like Josh or Margaret. Josh still talks so much smack. I don’t like him but wish him the best.

I’m just trying to live life as much as I can by traveling and meeting as many fans as I can. I recently traveled from North Carolina to Texas and visited castmates, fans and even the Party Down South cast. I party with most everyone, and I’ve also met a ton of cool fans along the way. I’m about to take a new position in Texas in the next couple of months and look forward to meeting fans out there.

As far as love interests go, I love all the pretty girls. I’m going to have fun with all the wrong ones until I find the right one.

I’m moving to New York soon to pursue my comedy career. I’m also planning to make more videos for my YouTube channel.

I’m still living in Greenville, South Carolina, and doing construction in Atlanta. I became single shortly after the show and plan on staying that way.

I moved to Dallas for a new job managing a restaurant and bar. I talk to a few of my castmates, and some of us hang out when we can.

Dating has been a major drama fest though — every guy is literally crazy. I should write a blog or something to share my insane encounters. I’m really just figuring out what I want to do with my life and trying to have as much fun as I can in the meantime.

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