Rascal Flatts Offer Their Collective Wisdom on Parenting

Country Trio Respond to News of Carrie Underwood’s Baby

CMT Hot 20 Countdown is back this weekend (March 14-15) with an all-new episode from Las Vegas.

In addition to counting down the hottest 20 videos in country music, host Cody Alan will sit down with NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, and we’ll get behind-the-scenes access to one of Brad Paisley’s famous pranks.

Plus, Rascal Flatts take a break from their Hard Rock Casino shows in Las Vegas to talk parenting just weeks after Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher welcomed their first child, Isaiah Michael Fisher.

“You hear all the stuff before you have a kid and you’re trying to get all the information, but you’re really just left to your own devices … going, ‘Gosh, none of this is going to work with my child,’” said Gary LeVox, a father of two. “It’s just trial and error. It really is. It’s like, ‘OK, let’s see. In the book here, it says that I’m supposed to … . But I think the biggest thing is that I don’t really know that you can ever foresee yourself loving something so much. … It’s different than the way you love your wife and the way you love your parents. … That kind of love, you can never even imagine until it happens.”

“For me, it’s just how much every decision you make when you bring a child into the world affects them somehow,” added Jay DeMarcus, who also has two children. “For myself, I weigh things so much heavier now than I did before. Little things — mundane things, mundane decisions — mean so much now to me because I know that (my kids) will be affected somehow by each choice that I make.”

Joe Don Rooney, the band’s guitarist and a father of three, agreed that a baby changes everything.

“I think the longing of missing your babies, it’s just amazing,” he said. “You cannot wait to get back home and hear them yelling your name when you walk in that door. There’s not a better feeling in the world. Whatever kind of stress or whatever you’ve got going, you just leave it on the front porch when you walk in that house. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

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