Recap: Party Down South: 29 Going On Thirsty

Spoiler Alert: Hannah “Hott Dogg” Finally Hooks Up With a Roommate

“I went a little too Daddy Hard,” says Daddy in the morning.

The night before, Daddy threw everything but the kitchen sink into the pool. Guess that’s going “too Daddy Hard.”

Tiffany can’t believe her eyes, so she asks Daddy why he would ever do such a thing. Granted, it’s probably due to a minor blackout, but we’ll let him explain.

“You wouldn’t marry me. I got pissed off,” says Daddy.

Case closed. Now that the family knows why Daddy made such a mess, they move on with their day. It’s Lyle’s birthday, so they start planning a few pranks:

Prank No. 1: Surprise Lyle in the shower with chocolate sauce. Check!

Prank No. 2: Drop a cake on Lyle and accidently hit Murray in the process. Rednecks and red velvet – check!

Later on, they enjoy a classy lunch at a seafood restaurant. But after a few too many Vegas Bombs, things get less than classy.

“Daddy is feeling some type of way with his alcohol,” says Mattie.

She heads back to the house with Daddy, helping him recover while the rest of the family enjoys their lunch. However, without these two key players, Hott Dogg is left to fend for herself.

The other roommates take this opportunity to tell Hott Dogg exactly what she needs to do to survive: break off from Mattie and get naked or take shots. This is a hard pill for Hott Dogg to swallow. She feels like she’s been keeping up with them thus far. All a girl can do is internalize the feedback and keep truckin’. It’s Lyle’s birthday, for goodness sake!

Next, the family heads back to the house to continue Lyle’s birthday celebration with a lobster dinner. Mmm, more seafood. Yum?

After dinner, Daddy starts looking for a little dessert: Hott Dogg’s booty. At this point, Walt notices the two become very flirty with each other. However, he’s not worried. Walt knows Daddy is going to lose this competition. There’s no way she would ever go for Daddy over Walt, right?

Wrong. After everyone else hits the hay, Hott Dogg and Daddy continue their conversation outside. They confess their “like” for each other and sparks fly all the way to Daddy’s bed where things get wild.

The next morning, Mattie breaks the news to Walt. She could hear everything that was going on last night, so she knew all the details.

“It kinda burnt my ego a little bit. I figured that I’d be pulling the hottest girl. I’m Mr. September, that’s what I do,” says Walt.

Once the dust from all the hookup drama settles, Murray explains to Hott Dogg that its initiation night. Can you guess how the night ends up? I’ll leave you with one quote from Murray as a hint:

“I think my whole plan has backfired,” admits Murray.

Watch the entire episode online now and find out how crazy Hott Dogg gets after pounding shots with Murray.

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