Sam Hunt Saves a Life in “Take Your Time” Video

He Takes on Domestic Violence in New Project

Sam Hunt wants to take your time. He also wants to SAVE YOUR LIFE.

In his new video for “Take Your Time,” which I thought was just a song about a guy meeting a girl in a bar and him sounding exactly like Channing Tatum when he sing-talks, Hunt takes a nice little song and turns it into something bigger.

Domestic violence.

And as heavy as that is, it is a completely refreshing 180 from the tailgates-down, moonshine-swigging country videos we’ve been inundated with lately.

I won’t spoil this minidrama for everyone, but just know that yes, there is a girl. And no, he doesn’t come on strong, steal her covers, steal her freedom or meet her mother. He doesn’t blow her phone up, either. What he does do, at the very end, is blow her mind.

Hunt becomes more than just a random guy in a bar. He is the knight in shining armor in a very unshiny situation.

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