The “Taylor Swift Effect” Is a Thing Now

Kelsea Ballerini's Followers and Sales Get Quantifiable Boost

Right after Taylor Swift tweeted one little tweet on Monday (March 9) about Kelsea Ballerini’s new song “Love Me Like You Mean It,” and all the social media aftershocks that continued to ripple between the two artists and their fans, things happened.

Thank God someone ran the numbers on this. The Washington Post was there with a calculator and graph paper to document it all.

According to the publication, Swift and her 54 million followers had this effect just 72 hours after that initial “SO lovely” tweet was posted: Ballerini went from 8,800 followers on Monday to topping 11,000 by Thursday. (Since that last count, she’s now at about 11,200.)

Also noteworthy, Ballerini’s debut EP and first single charts position had big jumps, too. Her EP went from No. 42 to No. 17 on the iTunes country Top 150 album chart, and the song went from No. 29 to No. 22 on the iTunes country singles chart.

So, bottom line? When Swift is listening to your song, the world is listening to her.

(And by the way, I think it should also be noted Swift is still listening to country music despite her recent distance from the genre.)