Chase Rice Braves the Elements and Earns a Kiss

Go Behind the Scenes of his “Gonna Wanna Tonight” Video

Chase Rice is showing his sensitive side in the music video for his new single “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” and CMT was there for all the behind-the-scenes action.

“You’ll see the softer side that I have every now and then,” Rice told CMT Hot 20 Countdown during filming. “I don’t wanna bring it out too much, but this video … it’s a cabin setting and I’m from the mountains, so it kinda feels like I’m home with the cabin and the water and the fireplace.”

It’s good Rice was feeling comfortable since the video also required him to get cozy with his on-camera love interest.

“So this is Penny. She’s my main girl,” Rice joked with his co-star. “She’s my girlfriend for … how long have we faked being together? We’re moving very fast. We got our own little getaway in 24 hours.

“They threw the kissing scene in there pretty quick, so she’s a good kisser,” he added with a laugh.

While things may have been heating up on camera, Rice quickly cooled off when the director asked him to jump in a nearby pond — despite winter temperatures in the low 40s.

“We’re ready to do this. We’re gonna take our clothes off for the most part, and we’re jumping in the water,” Rice said. “It’s cold out there so … this could be bad.”

CMT caught up with Rice a week after the icy shoot to see if he had finally warmed up from the nighttime plunge.

“I knew we only had one shot to get the whole jump-in-the-water scene, so I didn’t want to screw it up,” he explained. “Jump in, do the flip, come out I’m like OK. As I’m under there, I’m like (screaming), and you don’t want to hear what I said underwater.

“I did the flip kinda last second,” Rice went on. “Then the worst part is that it didn’t even get around all the way. I kinda land on my back, and it was not my most athletic moment. I’m not gonna lie, though, my body was aching, I was so cold. I was blue, I was red, I was different weird colors and I was shaking pretty good.

“The only thing that saved me there is it was a kissing scene, so I can’t complain that much.”

Rice will soon be heating things up again when he hits the road as an opening act for Kenny Chesney’s Big Revival tour.

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