Miranda Lambert Expects “Little Bit of Magic” at ACM Awards

Singer Wants Latest Album to Go Platinum, Too

In the new edition of Billboard Country Update, Miranda Lambert talks about how glad she is that the ACM Awards are in Texas this year. And not just because it’ll only be about a two-hour drive from her home in Tishomingo.

“I can’t believe that it’s in Texas, and I’ve got a good amount of nominations, and I’ve got family coming. It’ll be kind of a magical night,” Lambert said, “and I haven’t been in that building when I haven’t had a little bit of magic happen. You’re excited to be there because whatever you’re doing there is something that’s pretty awesome.”

She also talked about what she wants for her Grammy-winning album, Platinum: the best.

“I definitely obviously want Platinum to go platinum — duh — but it needs to earn its way, just like every other album that ever has. And it will,” she said of the album that she admits is “kind of all over the map,” like her personality is.

“This record is the most upfront one that I’ve done, just kind of attacking all the issues that go through my mind and my life,” Lambert said. “I’m just glad that I’m selling records and that I’m being played on the radio, because with the streaming and everyone putting out EPs now, I don’t know that I’ll ever have a record release like this again, where it’s old school a little bit: You just put it out and hope people buy it.”

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