Ashley Monroe Wanted to Create Songs Like Sheryl Crow

She’s Also Grateful for Blake Shelton's Support

So many influences have gone into Ashley Monroe’s music, starting with Sheryl Crow.

Monroe admits that when she sat down to write her new single, “On to Something Good,” Crow’s sound is exactly what she was after.
“I really wanted to challenge myself,” Monroe told Billboard. “I tried to think of some Sheryl Crow songs I love that are up-tempo and make you feel good. I love those songs. I’ve just never written one.”

The song she ended up with after that inspiration is one she says is a happy-sounding song.

“I really think it’s important to express hope to people — and to myself — that if you’re alive and breathing, you’re doing so for a reason, even if you’ve been through hell in the past. I think it’s a way to say, ’Keep going.’ I love the line, ’I’m better dancing when I don’t look down.’ Just live. Don’t overanalyze,” she said.

And maybe her cheery new outlook is due in part to Blake Shelton. When their recent collaboration on “Lonely Tonight” hit No. 1, Shelton texted her right away to let her know, typing, “We’re number one. Carry on.”

“I’m so grateful. I know Blake cares for his career, and he wants to have a No. 1 record, obviously, but I truly think he wants this one more for me than himself,” Monroe said. “Our friendship runs so deep, and we have known each other for so long. It’s so cool that it has come to this point that he is using his spotlight to let me shine.”

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