Why Casey James Took Himself Off the Road

American Idol Finalist Admits It Was a “Scary Thing to Do”

Something’s gotta give, right? I mean, you can’t be everywhere all at once. When Casey James had to make a decision, he chose the studio over the road when it came time to focus on his upcoming album.

“It’s very difficult when you’re a touring artist and that’s really where your money comes from. In this time period of my career, it’s not like I’m rolling around in the dough,” James admitted to Billboard. “It is a lot of risk and a scary thing to do.”

He has introduced his new music with the single “Fall Apart.”

His reasoning for time away from the spotlight is that if he didn’t concentrate solely on the music, “the record would have suffered.” James also opened up about the abrupt nature of success following his American Idol near win in 2010.

“It’s not like a slow journey. It was work, work and work on this one level for 12 years, and then, boom, get everything that you ever wanted,” he said.

But the new album will have him in different headspace than before.

“I feel like a metamorphosis has happened. I feel like a different person than I did a year ago. There’s nothing that’s part of me that’s not on this record,” James said, adding, “I think time off from touring and being on the radio has given me the perspective to just be really thankful, even more so than I already was.”

And by the way, James is so ready to get back on the road. He has a long list of tour dates, fairs and festivals kicking off Saturday (March 21).

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