Maddie & Tae Ready to Retaliate Against Dierks Bentley

When It Comes to Pranks, He Might Have Picked on the Wrong Girls

Dierks Bentley may want to watch his back throughout his upcoming Sounds of Summer tour.

His tourmates Maddie & Tae might have plans to seek revenge on the superstar after that frigid New Year’s Eve “polar plunge” lake jump the country duo and fellow tour guests Kip Moore and Canaan Smith endured at the charge of Bentley.

The duo’s Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye confessed through laughter during a recent interview that they weren’t willing participants in the stunt.

And though it was all part of the fun and — pardon the pun — a great icebreaker for everyone involved in the tour, that doesn’t mean that girls aren’t already thinking of ways to get back at the tour host they love the most while they are on the road.

“There’s going to be a big pranking war, too, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this,” Marlow revealed. “Dierks pranked us by making us jump in freezing water, and then Kip just pranked Dierks by putting a billy goat in the back of his truck.”

So apparently, it’s on. And, fans, they might be open to suggestions from you. Apparently, plotting payback is uncharted territory for the girls.

“We’re not prankers’,” Marlow admitted. “We’re more prankees, so we have to devise a little plan to get in this prank war.”

Time to step up to the plate, ladies. You can’t let Bentley win this one. And Moore’s billy goat shenanigans will definitely be hard to top.

I’m personally thinking something involving a “surprise manly day of relaxation” at a spa — where Bentley “accidentally” emerges with a full set of acrylic nails. Go big, or go home, girls.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.