Blake Shelton’s “Moobs” Are Hard to Ignore

Luke Bryan Barely Gets a Word In

When Blake Shelton is in a self-deprecating mood, nothing can stop him. Not even Luke Bryan.

So when this ACM Awards promo video started making the rounds on the Internet, I knew Bryan would be the quiet one.

You can tell Shelton is ready to steal the show with talk of his moobs (man boobs), his three-chinned pelican neck and his idea for the Academy of Country Music to move the awards show to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“I remember when I told ’em to bring it out here,” he says. “Took ’em a while to get it done, and I was getting impatient.”

Shelton and Bryan take a right turn at the stadium and head into the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders locker room, and Shelton admits the girls were checking him out.

“I mean, let’s just be honest. They were lookin’ at my moobs and made me a little uncomfortable. But, hey, I come in here dressed like this,” he said of his hillbilly tuxedo (jeans and jean jacket). “What can I expect?”

At the end of the video, Shelton says the ACM Awards show used to be so good and adds, “And now we are out here destroying its reputation.”

His theory on how he and Bryan got the job as co-hosts for the April 19 show?

“We’re the only two in country music that can read.”

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