Recap: Party Down South: Gettin’ On and Goin’ Off

Hott Dogg Does What She Does Best

In one corner, we have Daddy. In the other, we have Tiffany. And on this episode of Party Down South, the Daddy vs. Tiffany smack-down continues.

“Even though Lil’ Bit’s not here, it still looks like she’s causing a lot of drama in this house,” explains Lyle.

Once the fight comes to a close, the house turns their attention to Hott Dogg.

“Stay away from him,” warns Murray about hooking up with Daddy.

At that point, Mattie has had it with everyone ganging up on Hott Dogg, so she makes it known. Meanwhile, Hott Dogg is in her room crying on Daddy’s shoulder.

“I need someone getting on me, not goin’ off on me,” says Daddy.

Daddy explains the next day that he’s dealing with a large amount of stress back home. Essentially, he’s been living on his younger brother’s couch before coming to Biloxi, Mississippi. Everybody that he does boat bottoms for are surprised when they find out he’s the older brother because his younger brother is more successful.

So, Hott Dogg has a plan to turn this somber mood around. She decides to dance around the house in her hot dog costume. How can anyone be mad at that?

Later, Daddy tries to make amends with everyone in the house. However, he has a hard time approaching Tiffany. I don’t blame him!

While Daddy musters up the confidence with a few more pulls from the beerzooka, Hott Dogg, Tiffany and Lauren decide to bond over manicures. And, guess what? They do. Tiffany and Lauren actually become fans of Hott Dogg. Who wouldn’t after a day of beauty followed by a sushi lunch (paid for by Tiffany with Daddy’s credit card)?

Simultaneously, Lyle and Mattie are at the gym sweating out whiskey from the other night. But, Lyle has a hard time focusing on his workout because he’s focusing on Mattie’s booty. You know, that moment when you try to nonchalantly check someone out at the gym?

Back at the house, the Terror Twins are up to no good while everyone is off doing their own thing. They get fired up about messing with Hott Dogg, of course. And what better way to welcome her, than to throw all her clothes in the yard, with Walt dressed in Hott Dogg’s hot dog costume. Behold, Walt impersonating Hott Dogg:

Later that evening, the family heads over to the bar where Lyle becomes even more smitten with Mattie. By the time they all get drunk and head back to the house, Lyle and Mattie start making out. He grabs her by the head and starts kissing her face.

Mattie claims the last time she hooked up with anyone, it was with Lyle. All this reminiscing inspires her to get in bed with him at the end of the night.

“Who’s about to get some? This girl right here!” says Mattie.

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