Darius Rucker Releases New Album, Southern Style

Time Flies By Since First Topping Country Chart in 2008

Darius Rucker is celebrating his latest hit single, “Homegrown Honey,” and Tuesday’s (March 31) release of his new album, Southern Style.

During a recent interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown, the singer-songwriter offered details on the direction of his latest project.

“You have something in mind, but it always changes once you start writing the songs,” he explained. “Because you just don’t know what songs are gonna be the good songs and what they’re gonna be about and all that stuff. When you write with best writers in town, it turns into what it is.

“It just happened that over this record, the fun songs were fun and they were good, and they rose to the top. … Love songs are just always great. There’s nothing like a great love song, and they tend to make it around the record, too.”

“Homegrown Honey” is the first single from Southern Style.

“I’m still shock that how well my singles do,” he said. “Every time when one gets in the Top 10, this is just great. This is unbelievable. … I’m one of those people that know you can’t do any of that if you’re not on the radio. You can’t go out on the road and put butts on the seats if you’re not on the radio. Some people can, but most folks have to have those two things collide. So it’s great. Every time I hear myself on the radio or see I’m doing well on the charts, it’s a good thing.”

After a successful career as frontman for Hootie & the Blowfish, Rucker still can’t believe he’s been having country hits ever since he topped the chart in 2008 with his solo debut single, “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It.”

“It doesn’t seem like seven or eight years, but it’s been almost eight years now,” he said. “And it just doesn’t seem like it, and I actually had the same reaction the other day when I was sitting down doing some stuff for the record and I realized it was my fourth record. I was like, ‘Man, it just flew by.’

“Time just flew by, but it’s been so much fun. Just having a whole new thing that I can do to bring music to people, it’s just awesome.”