Where Is the Nashville I Knew and Loved?

Was This Some Kind of April Fool’s Joke?

Rayna is finally loving Deacon back? Juliette is being supportive of Avery? And Sadie is falling for Luke? What happened to the Nashville I once knew?

On Wednesday night’s (April 1) episode, it seemed to me like everything had changed. Starting with Rayna.

Deacon had finally told her about his liver cancer, and now she wants to be with him. And by “be with him,” I mean both “naked under a blanket by the cabin fireplace” and “till death do us part.”

“Sweetie, all that’s left for me is to just wait on this list,” Deacon tells Rayna. “I can’t do this with you by my side. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna drag you through all the hurt and the disappointment. Look at the pity in your eyes.

“This is my cancer, and I get to decide this. I’m going to die. This is me getting what I deserve. I don’t get any kind of happy ever after. This is how the song ends for me.”

That’s usually the part in their on-again, off-again love affair where Rayna storms out. But this time, she stormed in.

“Let’s at least experience the joy of whatever life has to offer us right now. We’re gonna seize the opportunity to be together and be happy,” she tells him, vowing to show the world what true love looks like.

Even Juliette wasn’t really being herself on the episode. She was just at home, rubbing her pregnant belly, Facetiming Avery and telling him to enjoy his time on the road with his new band, the Triple Xs. For a girl who’s usually all me, me, me, she was being very selfless. It must be the hormones.

And Sadie? I don’t like where this is going at all. She and Luke had this awkward flirtation going on in the studio, then when they went out for coffee and then when she shot her ex. Sadie’s only hope for a potential bright future with Luke will be if Rayna is so immersed in Deacon’s healthcare that she doesn’t notice the two of them falling in love.

Teddy was really the only one who was himself.

His hooker-friend Natasha is under FBI surveillance for being involved in a prostitution ring, so she tries to blackmail Teddy. So naturally, he tries to blackmail Jeff. Then he tries to strong-arm his finance director into fast tracking a discretionary fund. It’s textbook Teddy.

Elsewhere in Music City, Will struggles to write a song once his perfect gay co-writer quits, Layla gives Jeff another chance, and Scarlett and Dr. Boyfriend make the most of his hotel room at Chicago’s Four Seasons.

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